About Us

From a humble beginning with five washing machines and one dry-cleaning machine in a 150m² shop in Cape Town in 2004, the first company in the group, has grown to be one of the largest laundry & dry-cleaning service providers to the hospitality industry in Cape Town, unrivalled in service and quality.

Leveraging off this success and addressing needs as these arose over the years; added to this our overwhelming drive always to improve, we launched a number of other projects, each eventually becoming a company in its own right. Today these make up the different aspects of the Parsons group of companies. 

It is only through God's grace and provision that we have managed to come this far and we trust Him for our future.

Founded 2015


TexChem is a manufacturing company that provides a range of specialised chemicals to the laundry and engineering industries. 

Founded 2009

African Cataering & Laundry Equipment

Africale is a holistic solution provider of professional laundry solutions to the hospitality industry in English speaking Africa and the islands. As we own a high-volume laundry, we understand the challenges faced by other laundry owners and are thus experienced to offer design, supply, commissioning and training for on-premise and commercial laundries.

Founded 2008

i-Laundry Management Suite

i-Laundry Software Suite is a provider of holistic laundry management solutions for the Dry-Cleaning, Alteration, Shoe Repair and Textile industries.

Founded in 2005 but our staff have has more than ten prior years of experience in the point-of-sale industry, and thus we are extremely familiar with and understand the needs of and how to best support our clients in a Point-of-sale environment.

Founded 2004

Texcare Laundry & Dry-cleaning Specialists

Texcare is a specialised laundry & dry-cleaning provider to the hospitality indsutry, well known for our level of expertise and quality.  We have since our inception in 2004, build a stable and consistent client base through a combined expertise in the hotel and laundry industries that span 3 decades.

Why Us?

Being God focused and a member of "Unashamedly Ethical", and with our credo being, we strive to always have and produce a "Passion for Excellence" in everything we do.

Our Skills

Leveraging off a combined experience spanning three decades, the Parsons Group of companies have the necessary skills to provide the best solution to any business model associated with the hospitality industry. We are experts in all our fields and everyone adheres to and strives to deliver on our promise of "Passion for Excellence"

Onsite & Offsite Hotel Laundry Services
Industrial & Hotel Laundry Design & Equipment Solutions
Laundry Commisioning & Training
Software Development
Web Development
Chemical manufacture

We sincerely believe that the difference between good and great lies in the attention to detail.

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We are proud to present our companies and the services we offer through them.

Texcare Laundry & Dry-cleaning Specialists Logo

Texcare Laundry & Dry-cleaning Specialists

June 2004 Laundry & Dry-cleaning

Leaders in the laundry & dry-cleaning industry in Cape Town

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i-Laundry Management Suite Logo

i-Laundry Management Suite

October 2008 Software Development

Unmatched in reliability, ease-of-use and customizability

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African Catering & Laundry Equipment Logo

African Catering & Laundry Equipment

2009 Import & Export

Commercial Laundry solutions to the hospitality industry

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TexChem Logo


2015 Chemical Manufacturing

We are manufacturers of specialised and general cleaning products. We target but are not limited to Laundry and Engineering industries.

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